Here are the tips on how to make the setting save permanently in to the Notepad++.

Step 1 ) Run Notepad++ using from “Run as Administrator”.

Step 2) Go to “Settings”->”Style Configurator”.

Step 3) Add in the .tpl extension name into the “User ext” column by choosing PHP or html as a Language on from the options on left hand selection box.
Congifuration tinyMCE in Prestashop.
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Echo apis are created to simulate Ajax calls: /echo/json/ for JSON, for JSONP, /echo/html/ for HTML and /echo/xml/ for XML.
These are the commands that you can use to find out more information about where your website is placed in the Google search engine. You can find out where how many pages of your site have been included in their index or even how many other websites are linking to your site.

Google at one point used to return a true amount of how many pages linked to your own, now they return what ever they feel like. Yahoo returns a much more accurate figure. Having said that, Google still is aware of all of your backlinks - just they decide not to show them. Check out the Yahoo commands for more information.
La plupart des hébergeurs permettent d’accéder à un site par l’adresse aussi bien que par Ceci crée un « duplicate content » qui est défavorable au référencement.

Il est donc souhaitable de choisir d’utiliser toujours la même forme d’adresses, soit avec www, soit sans www. Pour une bonne gestion de la redirection par les moteurs de recherche, optez pour la redirection permanente ou redirection 301. Sur les serveurs Apache, il est possible de gérer cela au moyen du fichier .htaccess.

Redirection du site sans www vers le site avec www

Options +FollowSymlinks

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$

RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [QSA,L,R=301]

Redirection du site avec www vers le site sans www

The Zend_Db_Select object represents a SQL SELECT query statement. The class has methods for adding individual parts to the query. You can specify some parts of the query using PHP methods and data structures, and the class forms the correct SQL syntax for you. After you build a query, you can execute the query as if you had written it as a string.
WordPress is one of the best means for artists, designers and photographers to present their visual work online, with powerful tools for creating sites with a strong sense of professionalism. There are masses of themes available on the Internet that can be downloaded and tailored to suit any kind of portfolio niche, effectively sharing material with a target audience. This post brings together 20 of the best portfolio themes currently available, both premium and free, to enable any creative practioner to set up an online showcase of their work.
Se faciliter les dégradés CSS3

Cette démo n'est prévue que pour Firefox.

Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML, make JSON/JSONP readable, etc..

All of the source code is available on the github, and we have a command-line version and a python library as well.

JSBeautifier is — and always will be — completely free and open, and your thanks, flattrs and donations are very heartwarming — thank you all so much!
Formulaire de contact, page d’erreur 404, plan du site, galerie photo, page d’archives… sont autant de modèles de pages très utilisés sous WordPress. Voici donc une liste regroupant les modèles les plus classiques pour un site professionnel.

#1 – Page d’erreur 404

Très utile, ce modèle de page fournit des moyens de navigation et de recherche supplémentaire à vos visiteurs qui ne peuvent atteindre la page souhaitée – d’où l’erreur 404. Un must qui vous apprendra comment donner plus de vie à cette page bien triste par défaut...
An article about animated scrolling with jQuery inspired me to make a small, customizable plugin for scrolling elements, or the window itself.

There are many different ways to specify the target position.

These are:

A raw number

A string('44', '100px', '+=30px', etc )

A DOM element (logically, child of the scrollable element)

A selector, that will be relative to the scrollable element

The string 'max' to scroll to the end.

A string specifying a percentage to scroll to that part of the container (f.e: 50% goes to to the middle).

A hash { top:x, left:y }, x and y can be any kind of number/string like above.

Note that you only need to use the hash form, if you are scrolling on both axes, and they have different positions.

Don't use the hash to scr
What Is This? is an online javascript compressor that allows you to compress and minify your javascript files. Compressed javascript files are ideal for production environments since they typically reduce the size of the file by 30-90%. Most of the filesize reduction is achieved by removing comments and extra whitespace characters that are not needed by web browsers or visitors.

Why Would I Want To Compress Javascript?

There are a number of reasons why compressing your javascript files is a good idea:

Quicker download times for your users.

Reduced bandwidth consumption of your website.

Reduced number of HTTP requests on your server when combining many javascript files into one compressed file, thus reducing the server load and allowing more visitors to access your
MySQL Query Analyzer amélioré avec les nouveaux plug-ins MySQL Connector ; Procédez à une analyse minutieuse des causes de vos problèmes au moyen des plug-ins MySQL Connector.

Le MySQL Enterprise Monitor vous permet de bénéficier d'un « DBA virtuel » qui surveille vos applications de base de données en production.

MySQL Enterprise Backup pour réaliser des sauvegardes « à chaud » de vos bases de données

Gestion de la réplication MySQL, il fournit en temps réel, une vision consolidée de la performance et du statut de toutes les relations maître/esclave.

Conseillers MySQL une série de conseillers automatiques, paramétrés selon les meilleures pratiques.

140 règles automatiques de conseil + 600 indicateurs concernant MSQL et le système opérationnel.

MySQL Work
Memento Emacs for linux !
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